Free Trial of Frame Builder for Alibre Design

Experience the Power of Frame Builder with Our Free Trial!

Activate our free trial version to test the capabilities of Frame Builder allowing you to create up to 5 parts at a time. During the Trial of V2’s Update/Rebuild Members, please note that the “Confirm Each Change Prior” option cannot be disabled.

Our free trial has no time limit, providing you with ample opportunity to dive into Frame Builder’s capabilities.1 Easily activate your trial and explore the intuitive features using the Serial Number: TRIAL-TRIAL-TRIAL-TRIAL

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your part creation process. Activate your free trial now and discover a new era of efficiency and innovation!

Trial Serial Number:



Download and run the “Frame Builder V___ Installer.exe” and progress through the setup to install into the Alibre Script Library folder.
Next (optionally) download and extract everything from the “Example Profile” file where you want to keep the Profiles. Otherwise create your own later.
Then Launch Alibre Script in an Alibre Design Assembly and click on “Frame Builder V___ Release [Protected]” in the Alibre Script explorer folder “Frame Builder” to run it.
Check out the rest of the setup instructions by reading the help file by clicking the button “Help Info”.
Please read all the help file included before asking any questions – but don’t hesitate to ask if something isn’t working as expected.

  1. We reserve the right to end the trials entirely at any point in the future. ↩︎
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