Frame Builder V2.0 Release by NateLiquidGravity

Insert profiles into Alibre Design from the user’s library of profiles. Build frames, miter, trim, and extend profiles! Now with the ability to update frames to base geometry changes!


  • Runs on Alibre Design v27 Build 27038
  • New ability to check for problems with frames compared to base geometry.
  • Update frame member lengths to base geometry changes.
  • Rebuild broken frame member constraints.
  • Replace missing frame member source geometry.
  • Rebuild missing frame members.
  • Delete frame members from frames.
  • Delete corners from frame members.
  • Rebuild corners.
  • New main dialog icons on buttons.
  • New main dialog resize modes including toolbar.
  • New tree view for viewing and editing frame corners.
  • Enable/Disable checking specific frame members from being checked for problems.
  • Extend/Trim To Face/Plane now has Extend Only option.
  • Miter speeds improved.
  • Extend/Trim To Face/Plane speeds improved.
  • Cope speeds improved.
  • Frame Member Insert By Points speed improvement.
  • Frame Member Insert By Length speed improvement.

A few notes:

Because Frames made in V1.X do not store any of their creation information they are not directly compatible with many of the V2.X features.
V1.X Serial Keys are not valid for V2.X and can’t be installed side-by-side.
If you purchased V1.X Serial Keys there is a reduced price V2.X Upgrade Serial Key available.
Additionally I did not get a full language/translation pass done yet.


Frame Builder Version 2.0 Release now only works on Alibre Design V27 (Build 27038) This is because Frame Builder Version 2.0 is built using new features found in Alibre Design V27.
It also requires Alibre Script Build 343543 or newer.


Alibre Design and Alibre Script are © 2023 Alibre, LLC
Frame Builder V2.0 © 2023 NateLiquidGravity
All rights reserved except as noted:
You may use Frame Builder V2.0 for personal use or commercial use.
I claim no ownership of the part files created by using the tool.


Download and run the “Frame Builder V2_0 Installer.exe” and progress through the setup to install into the Alibre Script Library folder.
Next (optionally) download and extract everything from the “Example Profile” file where you want to keep the Profiles.
Then Launch Alibre Script in an Alibre Design Assembly and click on “Frame Builder V2_0 Release [Protected]” in the Alibre Script explorer folder “Frame Builder” to run it.
Check out the rest of the setup instructions by reading the help file by clicking the button “Help Info”.
Please read all the help file included before asking any questions – but don’t hesitate to ask if something isn’t working as expected.

Trial Serial Number:

A Trial Version can be activated which will only allow creation of 5 parts at a time. After those 5 parts are created you will need to close and restart Frame Builder. Additionally during Update / Rebuild Members the Trial version will always “Confirm Each Change Prior”. I may at any time disable the Trial Serial Number from working. The Serial Number for the Trial Version is: TRIAL-TRIAL-TRIAL-TRIAL

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